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Felicity Restaurant

For me, the restaurant – it is in the first people. I want them to have a good time
Arkadiy Novikov, restaurateur

Фото - Felicity Restaurant


FeliSity restaurant of European and Ukrainian cuisine is an oasis of calm, friendly, homely warm atmosphere. Hide from the bustling city, immerse yourself in the luxury and carelessness... The atmosphere of the restaurant is unhurried and cosy on weekdays, relaxed and fun on the weekends. Thumbing through menu, gleaming by delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can enjoy companionship with friends and loved ones, as well as to discuss and communicate with business partners urgent matters and things. Here you will find a large selection of wines and spirits. Whether it is important for you event or a quiet romantic evening with candles and exquisite drinks in our FeliSity restaurant you will have a good time.


In FeliSity restaurant you can:

  • Organize a cosy evening with friends
  • Spend an evening with your loved one in a romantic atmosphere
  • Celebrate a corporate event
  • A great place for a confidential meeting

Фото -

Function room

Фото - Function room



The function hall is located on the territory of country complex of SPA Seasons hotel. A magnificent combination of advanced comfort with the necessary functionality will give to any event a special charm and colour. The room can accommodate from 50 up to 120 people. Professional chefs with culinary skills will help your event to become a delicious memory that will stay in a heart of every invited Guest. 


Phyto bar

Фото - Phyto bar

Natural, delicious and healthy food is an important component of the philosophy of the SPA Seasons boutique hotel. Our cosy bar is located in the heart of the boutique hotel, on the 2nd floor of the SPA Centre. This is a bar, atmosphere of which gives peace and rest, where instead of alcoholic cocktails herbal teas, fresh juices, mineral water are offered. Besides drinks, it is possible to buy ready-made products with healing properties: honey, jam, and delicious desserts from our chef cook. In the production of phyto bar only natural, eco-friendly foods are used. It is especially pleasant to visit the phyto bar after cosmetic and SPA procedures. Whatever you are tired from the daily household routines or from a busy working day, get to a cup of our tea, take a few drops of the elixir. After trying it, it's hard to get rid of feeling of the beautiful. Our tea is good for health: physical and mental. And then fatigue will leave you, and strengths will come. You will feel just good and calm! Give joy to yourself and your loved ones! Relax with pleasure.

Summer terrace

Фото - Summer terrace

SPA Seasons summer terrace is an open terrace, designed in country style. Rattan and wood, as well as the combination of warm colours surrounded by roses and petunias will help to forget about all your worries and relax to the pleasant lounge music, creating an atmosphere of warmth and cosiness. Everything here seems to say that it is time to break away from the bustle of the city and enjoy the outdoor relax. A day creates a relaxing atmosphere, and in the evening it offers a romantic mood for an intimate meeting of couples, and is also good for business meetings and negotiations. Attentive waiters and culinary skills of our chefs will make your evening unforgettable. The terrace is open for you around-the-clock, so each Guest at any time of day or night here you will be met with joy and kindness. We invite everyone to visit us and we ask to personally make sure of a warm welcome, comfort and delicious cuisine. It offers to our guests a variety of dishes of European and Ukrainian cuisine, and also barbecue menu.

And don't forget that you are always welcome, our dear Guests!

Holidays, banquets, corporate parties

Фото - Holidays, banquets, corporate parties

A holiday can be celebrated in different ways: with family, with colleagues or friends. We offer comfort to you and all invited guests, and cosy atmosphere will complement your holiday. We are ready to foresee every your wish! Corporate parties, children's parties, birthdays – this is what everybody is looking forward to with a pleasant feeling. Qualitative rest is essential for good health, good mood and success! Dedicated specialists of SPA Seasons boutique hotel will provide intellectual and entertainment program, will take care of appropriate design and decoration. The highlight of your event will be a professional SPA complex, which will bring a lot of unforgettable impressions and pleasure, stylists and makeup artists of Beauty salon will not only create your unique image, but also will give you a festive mood.


To get more information about our possibilities you can call: 044-520-89-10, or send a request by e-mail:


Фото - Dietology

We do not code, do not assign to dietary supplements, do not "treat" with starvation. We will teach you a healthy lifestyle!

Time and tide wait for no man. And with every passing year, people are thinking more and more about their health. Most often it happens in that moment when you start to notice some problems with your body. And if to remember also the bad environment, malnutrition and creeping sickness at the wrong time for us... SPA Seasons boutique hotel with a great pleasure will help you to be healthy and young! Especially for all those who suffer from overweight or deficiency of weight, diseases of internal organs, or have signs of diseases of the skin and hair, or just want to learn how to properly take care of their health, to eat rationally and balanced, SPA Seasons boutique hotel offers an exclusive program for people who value their health! The main objective of our Wellness & SPA tours is a comprehensive approach to correction, comfortable, stable reduction of body weight for 6-8 kg, improving the overall health and mood. With all of our recommendations, we guarantee a stable weight loss, normalization of lipid and fat metabolism, improve of the work of the gastrointestinal tract, metabolism, increase adaptation to physical loads and stress.

What do we offer?

Фото - What do we offer?

"A man is what he eats," they said the ancient time, and were absolutely right. We are talking not only about the quality of products, but also about the discipline of nutrition. If we are talking about principles of SPA, they are intimately connected with using of rules of a healthy and balanced diet, because your skin, your body reflect the balance of internal processes and mental state. Sometimes it is enough to make minor adjustments in your diet to significantly improve your appearance, health and mood. Our dietitian with the help of modern diagnostic methods is ready to help you to optimize system of nutrition, not only to restore the balance of the body, but also to enjoy SPA treatments. Modern methods of diagnostics allow to fully take into account your individual characteristics and needs, to make your personal original nutrition program. In conjunction with the personal courses of SPA treatments, you not only will get the desired result, but can harmonize the physical, psychological and mental state.

Фото -

The main guide throughout the program for you will be an experienced specialist-dietitian. Individually for each Guest we develop a program of achieving of maximum results. Main thing to remember is: to achieve lasting weight loss without the assistance of a qualified expert is difficult, and in most cases dangerous! Our motto: your diet should meet the energy needs of the body and allow you to maintain an optimum body weight, but most importantly should be comfortable for your lifestyle!

SPA Seasons offers you the following stages of making a SPA program for correction of figure:

  • Testing
  • Preparation of individual programs on nutrition and adequate physical activity
  • Individual SPA programs
  • Aesthetic improvement during the active weight loss and post result
  • Individual medical support for the entire period of the program

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