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The greatest sensual pleasure, which does not contain any alloy and disgust, is rest after work, in a healthy condition.
Immanuel Kant

Фото - SPA Programs

SPA program is a great opportunity to combine rest and appropriate care. The programs are designed to enable you to cope with fatigue and overwork of the metropolis, to return to harmony with yourself. When choosing a program, you have to remember that everything should be aimed to restoring your beauty, health and emotional status. Harmony, balance, beauty is the foundation of all SPA packages on which SPA Seasons beauty centre is based. Our specialists are aimed to bring to every Guest that SPA is not only relaxation, but also energetice, activation of vitality of every cell of your body. Ancient traditions and modern technology, the combination of SPA treatments from different parts of our immense planet that have passed through the centuries and millennia have proven its effectiveness! Enjoy the healing aromas of herbs; absorb the energy of the ocean through sea weeds; cure your skin with mineral volcanic clay from Morocco; enhance the body using hardware techniques for figure correction from leading European producers. Be with us! And you are always welcome!


Do you want to make a nice and unusual gift to your relatives, friends or colleagues? Give the gift of travel to a beautiful dream! Each SPA program can be designed in the form of a GIFT CERTIFICATE.

For two

5 670 * / 5 990 UAH

This is pleasant enjoyment and communication at the same time. Take a break from the rush and provide the opportunity to take care of you for professionals of SPA Seasons SPA centre. Splendid hours of the relaxing SPA ritual for two will reveal new shades of feelings.

Beauty ritual in hammam (peeling, foam manual massage, body moisturizing) - (2)

Facial care from French brand Mary Cohr (for her)

Hand care (for him)

* The price of the SPA programs is 5 670 UAH upon condition of booking a room

4 450 * / 4 950 UAH

Beautiful heavenly delight for you and your companion will give a unique sensation that can dispel tiredness and fill your body with fresh vital energy.

Aromatherapy “Rose and vine” (2)

Relaxation massage (2)

* The price of the SPA programs is 4 450 UAH upon condition of booking a room

4 100 * / 4 350 UAH

Romantic SPA Journey SPA program will start with a visit to the Jacuzzi. Then you will move to the Turkish hammam, where you and your loved one will be able to relax, shrouded in clouds of fragrant steam. Gentle steam, covering you like with a soft pell, will create an amazing feeling of peace and mutual understanding between you.

The marine scrub in the hammam (2)

Foam manual massage (2)

Body moisturizing with marine emulsion (2)

It will be useful for completely relaxed and peaceful body to relax in the salt grotto. And courage and good mood will be supported by a cup of aromatic tea.

* The price of the SPA programs is 4 100 UAH upon condition of booking a room

3 150 UAH / 3890 UAH

This is a great opportunity between city fusses and troubles to spend a day alone with nature, to enjoy peace and rest, to soak up the relaxing atmosphere of a SPA resort. Exquisite East... only for two: HE and SHE! Aroma of fruit and berry punch (peeling) and wraps from the fruits of Opuntia (Indian Fig) cannot be confused with anything else! The mix of fruits and berries smells at the same time by the scorching sun and fresh wind, the sea breeze and burning desert. All this affects the thin, sweet magnetic fragrance moving you to a melting juice deep. Peeling paired with a wrap will help to relieve irritation, fatigue and tension. You will plunge into the world of eternal summer, sunlight and heat!

Fruit punch (peeling for her) in the hammam

Thai Tradition Peeling (for him) in the hammam

Wrap from the fruits of Opuntia (for her)

SPA massage (for him)

For man

3 100 UAH / 3 350 UAH

Organic peeling in the hammam

Foam manual massage

Facial procedure MEN-EXPRESS

The classic pedicure

3 290 UAH

Visit the thermal SPA centre

MARRAKESH Gommage with black soap and Kessa glove

Mask-wrap with Rhassoul natural volcanic clay

Body moisturizing

2 620 UAH

You can start the way to health with attempts to achieve harmony in all areas of life. Peace and rest restore mental and physical balance and therefore health. The words “gentleness” and “rhytmicity” reflect as possible the essence of the Thai system, which is characterized by smooth pressing, stretching and twisting. By its depth and impact on the human body Thai massage has no equal! And if to add to Thai massage facial and hands care – these are those procedures, which give the opportunity for every man to look respectable and well-groomed. For true men – a true delight!

Traditional Thai massage

Facial procedure EXPRESS MEN

Business manicure

2 250 UAH

Seasons SPA Thermal centre combine a Finnish sauna and a Turkish hammam. Here you can rejuvenate, improve tone and just relax. And organic peeling will make your skin smooth and soft. If to add to this the steaming with brooms, this procedure increases blood flow, there is a redistribution of blood, lymph and intercellular fluid throughout the body. Essential oils containing in leaves and branches falling on the skin, improve metabolism, prevent premature aging of the skin. The program “Enjoy Your SPA Steam” ends with 1 hour sport massage, which leads to normal power after heavy physical assignment! Classic wellness ritual, created specially for men who value health and care about maintaining of natural attractiveness.

Organic body peeling

Steaming with brooms

Sports massage (60 min)

3 280 UAH

The Great Ocean trembles at the foot of Mont Saint-Michel... Depending on the weather, time of day, lighting and viewpoint this place changes its appearance and shape by fantastic, mysterious way, just like it is made not of stone, but of clouds, sun flecks and fogs. The Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, the mystical star of the French soul, is famous for its large sweep of the tides, which formed a natural sedimentation basin with amazing in its properties mud. Sulphide, silt, “alive mud” Mont Saint-Michel is a champion of the content of micro- and macro-elements. This is a universal program for relaxation and release of stress for men. It perfectly takes the tension from the muscles, stimulates circulation, and reduces water retention.

Access to the thermal SPA centre

Body peeling (15 min)

Fangotherapy (mud wrap) “Mont Saint-Michel” in the hammam on a marble couch (45 min)

Classical massage (30 min)

For women

2 890* / 2 990 UAH

Bamboo, gold, caviar... These components will introduce you to the secrets of eternal youth of the Queen of Ancient Egypt, will soften your skin, making it smooth as silk, soft as petals of a blossoming peach. Feel like the Egyptian Queen, the beautiful Cleopatra, whose glory about beauty moved us to create a truly Royal treatment. For a few hours you will be brought to the ancient times where the ancient secrets of beauty and relaxation will do its purpose: will delicately clean, soak and tone the skin. This ritual is for Queens, because the basis of it is leaf-gold (thin sheet) – 24-carat gold. Gold stimulates cell growth, and as a consequence renewal and rejuvenation of the skin goes. The ritual of “Cleopatra” is the fulfilment of our deepest desires! This aroma of SPA...

Bamboo peeling

Gold Wrap

Moisturizing of body with balm with 24 K gold and Caviar extract

1 600 UAH

A true jewel that you need to preserve and increase is the beauty! Thai secret of youth is a time of calm and relaxation. Let your thoughts to rise, give yourself a vitally needed rest! Let the daily routine, intense work schedule, unbalanced diet, fatigue and insomnia turn away from you. Let's relax!
Milk bath “Thai traditions”
Underwater manual massage shower
Moisturizing of body with butter “Thai traditions”

3 300* / 3 550UAH

Welcome to Morocco! So we want to begin the description of this program. If you translate the word “MOROCCO”, it means “WASHING EARTH.” The procedure of Moroccan hammam, which is based on Rhassoul, clay mined in Morocco. The Rhassoul clay is rich in magnesium, silicon, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium. The properties of this clay allow you to apply it for all skin types. Also, without leaving traditions of this country, in the hammam 100% natural black soap is used. Light, fresh and soft scent, enriched with vitamin E, is suitable for all skin types. With powerful moisturizing properties, it deeply nourishes and softens the skin, lifts the layer of dead cells. In combination with Kessa glove for Hammam black soap is used for peeling and is the basis of all treatments for the body. The program ends with a moisturizing of body by oil of the Atlas cedar.

Peeling with soap

Rhassoul Wrap

Moisturizing of body with oil of the Atlas cedar

3 450 UAH

We will give you an unforgettable journey to the Land of beauty... the Country of exceptional care and luxury! The program “BEAUTY DAY” aimed to rejuvenation, restoration of the skin and subcutaneous tissues. You will feel a sense of peace and bliss... Let all of your worries and fears to leak, leaving only a feeling of pleasant serenity...

Marine gommage

Underwater manual massage shower

Facial care by skin type from the French brand Mary Cohr

Mask for hair care

Hand care

3 420 * / 3 550 UAH

Amazing ritual will take you to the tale of Medina, and green tea and exotic verbena will wrap you with a flavour of Eastern nights, to give a feeling of freshness and lightness. The result: the removal of dead skin cells of the epidermis, reducing of volumes, removing of water retention, hydration, nutrition, relaxation.

Warming up in the hammam

Peeling with black soap Marrakesh

Wrap “Green tea and verbena”

Moisturizing with Shea butter with amber

1 990 UAH

Open a door to the wondrous tale filled with colours, scents and light, where the beauty is dominating... Open for yourself the special atmosphere and plunge into the fascinating world! Welcome to the world of water RELAXATION! Let the thinnest water trickles of VICHY shower break on your body, bringing a feeling of peace and bliss. Together with water all your worries and fears “leak”, leaving only a feeling of serenity...

Marine gommage

Vichy Shower

Classical massage 30 min

Moisturizing of body with marine emulsion

2 650 UAH

Sea water is the richest source of micro-elements for humans on the Earth. It contains about 118 various macro- and micro-elements. Thalasso Detox program combined the energy of the sun, the power of the ocean, incomparable nutritional value of kelp and sea water. Not the last role in this program plays temperature range: the maximum temperature of the thermal blanket and water in the bath should not exceed 38°C. Your body can not be over-heated! We care about your health and will not allow deprivation of your well-being.

Pearl bath with sea salt

Wrap with kelp

Moisturizing of body with marine emulsion

1 590 UAH

Careful attitude to nature, the use of high technology and the latest scientific discoveries enabled products of ATLANTIQUE SPA (France) to disclose the unique features of the sea: giving to human health, youth and beauty. Deep cleansing, restoring of mineral balance, metabolism, keeping the tone – all this is topical for silhouette correction. Cosmetics which contains sea weeds, gives lasting result of weight loss, strengthening, anti-cellulite.
Pearl bath with fucus and kelp (Thalasso bath for weight loss)
Underwater manual massage shower
Moisturizing of body with thermoactive cream

2 680UAH

There is a plant without which it is impossible to imagine any Asian country. Although there is no expressive colours, it does not has a wonderful aroma, it is not possible to grow delicious and healthy fruits on it, but more than for four thousand years it presence is felt in all spheres of Asian life. The symbol of success and longevity, health and friendship, according to the teachings of Feng Shui, generates the area of energy security. This is bamboo. Skilled hands of the beauticians of SPA Seasons will help you to feel all the power of the plant. Relaxation, rehabilitation, lymphatic drainage, spine stretching, mobilization of the hip and shoulder of joints – this is bamboo lymphatic drainage treatment.

Bamboo scrub

Bamboo body massage

Hydration and nourishment of the body with bamboo emulsion

For gourmets

LUXURY SPA (for two)
5 900 * / 6 200 UAH

A fantastic set of procedures, based on a synthesis of modern and ancient methods of treatment using natural elements, allows to achieve a balance of body and soul... Marrakesh gommage with black soap is one of the most ancient and traditional body treatments, which dates back several millennia. The gommage deeply cleanses the skin, fully removes dead skin cells, and with powerful moisturizing properties, black soap deeply nourishes and softens the skin. This programme will continue with SPA massage that will leave your heart with unforgettable experience, immersing you in the atmosphere of luxury and bliss... Your face and hair will not remain without attention: fitness procedure for face and mask for hair – and... from fatigue will not leave a mark: you will feel cheerful, light, fresh.

Marrakech gommage with Black soap in the hammam (2)

SPA massage (2)

Fitness procedure for face (for him)

SPA hair care (for her)

* The cost of the program is 5 900 UAH upon condition of booking a room

3 400 * / 3 750 UAH

Spectacular of SPA program begins with a visit to the thermal complex. You can visit the Finnish sauna, Turkish hammam, relax in the Jacuzzi. To enjoy in complete silence the clean air of the Salt grotto. Turkish bath ceremony will help your skin to feel the nuances of Oriental hospitality. Organic peeling of the whole body in the hammam is the best remedy against colds and fatigue. And foam manual massage will plunge you in a cloud of lightest foam, giving you an unforgettable feeling of lightness and cleanness... The face, hands and hair are the three components that, with proper care, help a woman to look well-groomed... Organic cosmetics and skillful hands of our specialists will give: complex vitamins – to a face; brilliance – to hair; velvety – to hands.

Organic body peeling

Foam manual massage in the hammam

Facial treatment with a vitamin complex

SPA ritual for hair

Hand care “Velvet hands”

* 3 400UAH – the cost of SPA programs upon condition of booking a room

3 450*

The ritual is performed on natural cosmetics, which is created on the basis of purely ecological wine products. The basis is a powerful antioxidant property of grapes grown in the beautiful Bordeaux region... This is the perfect care for both young and mature skin. Since ancient times wine was used not only for a good mood inside, but application on body, for taking baths, peelings, wraps. Roman patricians took baths with white wine, which had beautiful toning properties. Well, and beautiful Cleopatra preferred peeling with crushed grape seeds and bath with the addition of a young red wine. Time flies... – old traditions and secrets of beauty remain. Immerse yourself in the headiness of bliss, peace and silence!

Grape peeling

Wrap with grape gel

Wine bath

*3 450UAH – the cost of SPA programs upon condition of booking a room

4 350UAH

Every problem is solvable! This is philosophy of the French cosmetic line BERNARD CASSIERRE. The formula of this cosmetics is based on active plant ingredients and provide comfort, result and security. Honey body treatment from BERNARD CASSIERRE is a delight! And energy facial massage, or massage of Taoist monks, which has approximately five thousand years, is the king of beauty treatments. Massage made by skillful and light hands of the beautician, but still with love and care, will never harm your delicate skin. Hand care “Velvet hands” will help the skin to become moisturized and velvety. The basis of this procedure is cosmetic paraffin wax, heated to 55 degrees, which returns youth to the skin of your hands. Hair mask will give your hair fast growth, strength and shine!

Exotic body treatment (peeling, massage, body wrap)

Facial care by skin type from the French brand

SPA hair care

SPA hand care

1 550 * / 1 790 UAH

At the end of the day or week you are "falling down", as if someone squeezed all your strength... Take time to restore strength and energy!

Visit the thermal SPA centre of Seasons SPA, enjoy organic peeling in the hammam. After peeling our SPA specialists will perform steaming with brooms and moisturize your body.

The result: the cleansing and removing of toxins, improving of skin breathing, normalization of work of internal organs and restoring of metabolic processes. You will feel peace and serenity.

Warming up in the hammam

Organic body peeling

Steaming with brooms

Glazing with honey

* 1 550 UAH – the cost of SPA program under condition of booking a room

2 970 * / 3 250 UAH

The SPA program will open for you the door of a mysterious luxury of the Palace, where honey and sweet precious nectar will plunge you with its softness and richness of the flavours.

The result: enjoyment, nourishment, skin restoration, relaxation.

Body scrub “Bitter orange”

Amber wrap

Body moisturizing with Shea butter with amber

*2 970 UAH – the cost of the SPA program upon condition of booking a room

2 680 UAH

Tuscany is a place of origin of Italian Renaissance, the birthplace of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante Alighieri (the father of the Italian language). Amazing temperament of the people, the beauty of the elastic tanned female bodies and loving men, magic alchemy of Tuscan olive – all this is unforgettable experience of south holiday and the spirit of Italy! The body care OLOIL will help to experience all this. Anti-cellulite massage, synergy (the interaction of two or more components) of essential oils and olive fluid provides intensive nourishment, deep hydration, firmness, elasticity, reducing and remodelling of the silhouette (the process of changing the existing structure). And intensive toning, scrubbing will help to get the skin a new kind of softness, silkiness and softness. OLOIL – it is silk care from natural ingredients of hospitable Italian land.


OLOIL massage


Spa centre